Harvest Export Extension for BurraLabel

The Harvest Export extension generates electronic load-out advice for The Harvest Company.


When the extension is installed, it adds a new tab to the BurraLabel user interface as shown below.


Install the extension using the standard update procedure.


The Harvest Company uses codes to identify growers and packers. The codes will be provided by Harvest upon request, and must be entered into the addr4 field of the Grower and Packer entries in Label Setup.

If you forgot to add the code before you printed labels, don't worry, the codes aren't actually needed until you generate the export file, so you can add the codes any time before you generate the export file.

Matching Tray Types and Grades

It is crucial that the tray type and class selected in the Print Labels tab match the allowed values in the Harvest product code table. The following illustration shows how the values in the Print Labels correspond to the values in the HarvestExport configuration table.

Accessing the Configuration Table

The core configuration for the extension is stored in an Excel file which can be accessed by clicking on the "Configuration" button in the Harvest tab.