Harvest Link Extension for BurraLabel

The Harvest Link extension provides data exchange between BurraLabel and theDOLi system used in sheds operated by the Harvest Company.


When the Harvest Link extension is installed, a new tab is added to user interface as shown below.


The extension is distributed as an update (.upd) file. Install the extension using the standard update procedure.


The following steps are required to configure the extension:

Configure Network Shares

DOLi and BurraLabel communicate by placing XML files in specific directories nominated for data exchange.The default locations configured are:

O:\Processwhere pallet files are written by BurraLabel
O:\Createwhere processed consignments are written by DOLi

Use the Windows Explorer to map drive O: to the network share provided by DOLi. Use these default paths if possible. If necessary, change the paths specified in the configuration XML file by clicking the Configuration button in the HarvestLink tab.

Set Up Grower Codes

Harvest assigns each grower a code, eg HHUNTD1 for Huntley Dimbulah 1. These codes must be entered in the grower records at addr4 (address line 4).

Set Up Tray Codes

Be careful with codes like C06 to enter 0 (zero), not O (oh).

Harvest specifies codes for tray types, and these codes must be used in the Print Labels tab. Pre-enter the codes now to ensure the correct codes are used.

CodeTrays Per LayerDescription
C066Calypso branded blue box
B066Black box
C088Calypso branded blue box
G088Generic box
C1212Calypso branded blue box
B1212Black box
GB7Generic bulk 7kg
GBKGeneric bulk 10kg
HBINHat bin 150kg

To pre-enter the codes, enter then one at a time in the Tray Type field.

Set the Class

The coding tables expect the values to be simple numeric values 1, 2 and 3. Enter these values in the Class field to prepopulate the drop down list.

Set the Variety

The coding tables expect the variety to be B74. Enter B74 in the Variety field.


When used in conjunction with DOLi, BurraLabel is used to print labels, to scan trays onto pallets as usual. The pallets are thn marked as "Finished", which causes a pallet description to be sent to DOLi. When the pallet has been consigned DOLi generates a file that instructs BurraLabel to build a consignment for the despatched pallets and remove them from the pool of available pallets.

Exporting Pallets

Newly created pallets will appear in the left side panel of the HarvestLink tab. To mark a pallet as finished, click the tickbox next to the pallet and click Save. Finished pallets can also be unticked, which will send a message to DOLi indicating that the pallet is no longer available for despatch.

Importing Consignments

Periodically (daily?) DOLi will generate files identifying despatched pallets to BurraLabel. Press "Import Consignments" to process any new despatch notifications. Any new or changed files will be processed.

Implementation Notes

BurraLabel automatically maintains a special consignment named "HarvestLink" which stores available, finished pallets. The act of marking a pallet as finished moves the pallet to this virtual consignment.

When BurraLabel imports a DOLi file indicating a group of pallets have been despatched, BurraLabel creates a new consignment and moves the identified pallets to that consignment. The consignment date is set to the file date. If the file date subsequently changes (because the file has been rewritten) the consignment will be regenerated.

Automatically created consignment names starts with "HarvestLink-" followed by the MD5 hash of the file name. Do not change the name or date of an automatically created HarvestLink consignment; these values used to identify file changes.