Heads Up Display

The HUD extension allows you display key information on remote monitors throughout the packing shed.

The monitors display key status information in large, clear text.


Install the extension using the standard update procedure.

Note that this extension requires BurraLabel 4.0 or later.


  1. Use the dropdown to identify the network interface the HUDs will be connected to,
  2. Assign an IP address range for the HUDs to use,
  3. Enable automatic IP assignment,
  4. Click Save

After configuration, the remote HUD controllers will automatically connect to the labelling computer and display the current status information.

  • You must ensure that the IP address range assigned for HUDs is not already used by another computer on your network.
  • IP assignment does NOT require DHCP to be running on your network.
  • The Auto IP Port should be set to 2442.