Pinata Export Extension for BurraLabel

The Pinata Export extension generates electronic load-out advice for Pinata.


Excel must be installed on your computer to edit the Pinata configuration file.


Install the extension using the standard update procedure.


When the extension is installed, it adds a new tab to the BurraLabel user interface as shown below. Consignments are prepared in the normal way, and this tab is used to create an export file which can be emailed to Pinata.


1. Serial Numbers

Pinata will assign a unique 4-digit shed code to your shed. Before printing any trays, it is essential that you configure BurraLabel to use your 4-digit serial number prefix.

2. Carriers, Marketers and Markets

In the Pinata tab, check the available options for carriers, marketers and markets. If you need to edit these values, click the Configuration button. This will open the Pinata configuration file in Excel.

Add additional carriers in column A below the values already there. Be sure not to change the column heading. When you are done, save and close the spreadsheet. Return to BurraLabel, move to a different tab and back to the Pinata tab to force the configuration file to be re-loaded.


To send load-out advice for a consignment to Pinata:

  1. Prepare the consignment in the usual way. Make sure that receiver and packer are set and saved.
  2. Enter the Pinata tab.
  3. Select the consignment in the left-side panel.
  4. Select the correct Carrier from the list.
  5. Set the pickup and approximate delivery dates and times.
  6. Set the number of pallet spaces.

If you can send email directly from the computer that runs BurraLabel, select Export to Email. Your mail application (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) will open with a message prepared to send.

If you need to send email from a different computer. select Export to File. Save the file to a USB drive, and sent it as an attachment using your normal email system.