Burralabel3 Scanner Drivers

In the following examples the BurraLabel3 software key is assumed to be drive E:

Hand Held Products / Honeywell IT3820

Using the barcode sequences in the manual extract provided at


select USB Com Port Emulation mode.

When prompted for a driver location, enter the following path


Scan the code to enable Add CR Suffix All Symbologies from the manual.

USB Gryphon M-100 or M-130

USB operation requires the Datalogic USB Serial Emulation driver. This is installed as follows:

  1. Complete the binding sequence as described in the Gryphon manual.
  2. Scan the barcode sequence from the Gryphon manual to select USB mode.
  3. Power-cycle the barcode scanner. (important!)
  4. Plug the scanner into the USB host.
  5. When prompted for driver location, enter the following path:

Serial Gryphon M-100 or M-130

If you are using a separate USB to serial adaptor, install the adaptor drivers provided by the manufacturer. If you are connecting to a standard (non-USB) serial port, no drivers are required.

Cino F780BT

  1. Launch the Cino USB COM driver installation from the BurraLabel key. Select the 32- or 64-bit version as is appropriate for your operating system. The 32-bit version is here:
    Accept all default options for installation.
  2. Optionally scan the F_DEFAULT barcode to restore factory defaults.
  3. Scan Uninstall barcode to clear any previous pairing.
  4. Scan Pair Mode barcode to initiate pairing.
  5. Place the scanner in the cradle. After about 10 seconds the base will show a blue light and the scanner will show a red light, with a blue flash every 2.5 seconds. Pairing is complete.
  6. Scan the USB-COM barcode to select USB COM Port emulation.
  7. Connect the USB cable to the computer. The driver should be found automatically. Any warnings about passing certification can be ignored.

The latest versions of drivers, manuals, firmware can be found at the Cino website: