BurraLabel3 Software Setup

Scanner Configuration

Start BurraLabel and enter the Setup > Scanners tab.

Press Add Scanner

Give the scanner a descriptive name (e.g. "Cino 1") and select the scanner type from the drop-down list.

Configure the scanner (options vary by model). For USB devices running in COM port emulation mode, the baud rate can be set to any value.

The Cino scanner does not support Get Scanner Info.

When you have finished setting the configuration options, press Save then press Get Scanner Info to query the scanner. If you do not see legible information in the window below the button, recheck you settings and connections. When trouble-shooting, it may help to set the log level to Debug in the Logs tab.

Keypad Configuration

The following instructions assume you are using a Burratronics keypad system. Configure the number of keypads in Setup / Keypads. The baud rate should be set to 9600 baud or 19200 baud, depending upon the version of hardware attached. Leave debounce turned off unless you have been specifically instructed to use it. Don't forget to Save!

Printer Configuration

In Setup/Printers map each keypad to a printer. Don't forget to Save!

Setup Options

Check the Setup/Options page and review the selected options.

Tick boxes should be unchecked unless you have a specific reason to check them.

If you are using Zebra printers, be sure to check that option.

Type the name of the produce being shipped in the Product box. (eg "Mango" or "Avocado") The value you enter here will be displayed on the half and full-page pallet cards.

If Excel is Not Installed

BurraLabel3 currently depends upon Excel for a number of advanced labelling features, such as providing lookup tables for Woolworths barcodes. To avoid problems if Excel is not installed, remove all labels that are dependent upon Excel features. In the default installation this means you should move or delete the following files:

  • BlushingAcresShepard140x40Label.xml
  • CalypsoWideLabel.xml
  • Hass102x51Label.xml
  • Hass140x40Label.xml
  • RavanelloWoolworthsWideLabel.xml
  • Shepard102x51Label.xml
  • Shepard140x40Label.xml
  • Shepard140x40Label2.xml
  • WoolworthsWideLabel.xml