Cino F780BT LED Codes

Handset Link Indicator (blue)

DescriptionLink IndicatorBeeper
Radio connected1 blue blink per 2.5 sec.Off
Radio disconnected3 blue blinks per 2 sec.Off
During connectionQuick blue blinksshort clicks
Radio connection built1 blue blink per 2.5 seconds4 beeps in ascending tone
Radio connection lost3 blue blinks per 2 sec.4 beeps in descending tone
Data transmissionQuick blue blinkshort clicks

Handset Status Indicator (green/red)

DescriptionStatus IndicatorBeeper
Under charging (on cradle)Steady redOff
Fully charged (on cradle)1 green blink at regular interfvalOff
Under batch scanning1 green blink per 2.5 secOff
Pair failuresteady red2 di-do di-do beeps
Out of memory2 red blinks2 long beeps
Battery power low1 red blink at regular intervals1 beep at regular interval
Battery power extremely low8 red blinks8 beeps
Good read1 green blink1 good-read beep
Under Configurationsteady redOff
Uninstall stateAlternative red and green blinksOff
Upgrade stateSteady redShort click
Time out warningOff3 long beeps
Paged by smart cradleOff6 page beeps
Sleep state / Battery no powerOffOff

Status Indicator on Base (blue/red/green)

DescriptionCenter IndicatorSide IndicatorBeeper
Power on1 blue blinkOffPower on beeps
Smart Cradle Upgrade StateOffSteady redShort clicks
Uninstall stateOffAlternative red/green blinksOff
PICO ModeRadio ConnectedSteady blueSteady greenOff
Radio DisconnectedOffSteady redOff
PAIR ModeRadio ConnectedSteady blueSteady greenOff
Radio DisconnectedOffSteady redOff
Smart cradle paged by scannerPICO ModeSteady blueSteady green6 page beeps
PAIR ModeSteady blueOff6 page beeps