Configuring the Cino F780BT Barcode Scanner for Burralabel

This procedure explains how to configure the Cino F780BT Scanner for use with BurraLabel.

In most cases it is possible to scan these barcodes directly from the monitor.

Install the Cino USB COM driver.

Note there are separate versions for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of windows. At the time of writing the current version is 3.00.01, and previous versions were known to be unreliable.

If you install the driver after the scanner is connected, unplug the scanner from the USB port and plug it back in again to allow the driver to be loaded.

Perform Factory Reset

Scan the F_DEFAULT barcode to perform a complete factory reset.

After the reset, both the top indicator on the scanner and the indicator on the base will flash alternately red/green to show that the handset is not paired with the base.


Scan the Uninstall barcode. Even if this seems redundant, do not skip this step.

Pair the Scanner

Scan the PAIR Mode barcode. The status indicator on the scanner will turn steady red. Place the scanner on the cradle.

The scanner will make one short beep followed by a series of short clicks and the link indicator of the scanner will flash blue quickly. When you hear 4 beeps in ascending tone, the pairing process is complete. The cradle indicator should now turn a steady blue.

Select USB COM Mode

Scan this barcode to select USB COM Mode.