Configuring the Datalogic/Gryphon M130 Barcode Scanner for Burralabel

This procedure explains how to configure the Datalogic Gryphon M-Series Barcode Scanner for use with BurraLabel.

In most cases it is possible to scan these barcodes directly from the monitor.

Install the USB COM driver.

Note there are separate versions for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of windows. At the time of writing the current version is 3.22.32.

This driver may hang badly if you disconnect the USB device while BurraLabel has the device open, requiring a full reboot to regain access to the scanner.

Pair with Cradle

Scan each of these in sequence.

Scan this 4 times to set radio address 0000.

All readers used in the same area must have different addresses.

Bind to Cradle

After you scan this, the green LED on the GRYPHON M will blink; the reader is ready to be positioned onto the cradle.

Firmly position the reader onto the cradle within 10 seconds. A beep will be emitted, signaling that the cradle has been paired to the scanner, and the green LED on the reader will go off.

Select USBCOM Mode

It may be necessary to power-cycle the cradle after scanning USB-COM.