Counting Unscanned Labels

This procedure requires BurraLabel version 3.89 or later.

This procedure explains how to use the reporting system to show the number of unscanned labels generated each day. Unscanned labels are only shown in the reports if the column 'unscanned labels' is included in the report.

1. Create a New Report

In the reporting tab, enter the name of the new report (e.g. 'Unscanned Labels') into the report name.

2. Add Fields to the Report

Add these three fields in sequence by clicking Add Field and selecting the field from the list.

  1. Tray Date
  2. Tray Count
  3. Unscanned Labels
Order is important. After you have added columns, you can change their order by dragging the column headings left or right.

3. Save the Report

Save the report.

4. Select a Date Range to View

Pick an appropriate date range.

5. Interpretation

The report will show separate counts for scanned and unscanned labels for each day in the selected date range.