Date Range Reporting

This procedure walks you through the creation of a saved report that will show the range of pack dates in each consignment.

1. Create a New Report

In the reporting tab, enter the name of the new report (e.g. 'Consignment Date Range') into the report name.

2. Add Fields to the Report

Add these three fields in sequence by clicking Add Field and selecting the field from the list.

  1. Consignment Date
  2. Consignment Number
  3. Tray Date
Order is important. After you have added columns, you can change their order by dragging the column headings left or right.

3. Save the Report

Save the report.

4. Filter Dates by Consignment Date

Remember whenever you use this report to filter by Consignment Date!

Select consignment date for the date filter. This is very important to ensure that the report includes all trays on each consignment.

5. Select a Date Range to View

The consignments shown are limited to those in the date range selected. Pick an appropriate date range.

The report will show one line for each unique tray date in the selected consignment.