Reflashing Zebra LP2844 Label Printer

This procedure explains how to fix problem with Zebra LP2844 printers that we have seen a few times. The printers in question were running firmware 4.70.1A.


  1. Printer begins to print, stops after a few millimetres of printing, red error light comes on.
  2. After a power cycle to clear the error, form advance button only advances 1/3 of a label and error light comes on.
  3. Configuration dump process (power cycle holding button, release after two flashes) spits several empty labels (normal calibration I believe) but then fails to print configuration text after 40% of first page. Red error light on.


Firmware reflash fixes the problem. The units we have reflashed have been running fine now for several years.

  1. Connect to printer via USB cable and power cycle if necessary to clear error state.
  2. Install printer drivers from CD so that printer is recognized.
  3. Download firmware downloader and firmware file separately from zebra website.
  4. Install and run firmware downloader program.
  5. Select Auto Detect Printers to identify printer.
  6. Select Firmware File and browse to downloaded prg file.
  7. Select "Download to All Printers" to update printer.
  8. Over USB, upgrade takes about 20 seconds. If it fails to start immediately, printer may be in error state.
  9. During upgrade status light turns red and slowly flashed brighter/darker.
  10. After sucessful flash, printer will automatically perform calibration and dump (so be ready to clear stickers if autopeel option is in use!)


Firmware and downloader can be downloaded from the Zebra web site. Also check the Download section of this site.