Hat Bins and other Weighed Bins

This procedure requires BurraLabel version 3.88 or later.

This page explains how to print labels for hat bins or any other container for which a weight must be recorded for each container.


You will need the following:
  1. BurraLabel 3.88 or later,
  2. A specially prepared Weighed Bin label template that shows the container weight.

Prepare a Label

Create a new label, and select a weighed bin template. The template below will display weight units on the label if you fill in the units field, so enter 'kg' in the units field. Save the label.

Printing Labels for Weighed Bins

Begin by clicking on the Print Bulk button.

Select the Weighed Bins tab.

The size field can be used to distinguish between different fruit sizes packed into weighed bins. Normally you will use predefined size codes (eg '88' for 'SML', 89 for 'MED') to print a descriptive size on the label.

Remember:  like all other labels, a weighed bin label must be scanned to a pallet. Labels that are NOT scanned to a pallet will NOT show up in reports.

Reporting for Weighed Bins

When you print a label using this process, the database records the weight of the tray for later reporting. Below are some examples showing different ways the weight can be used in reporting.

Reporting on Each Bin

By include the serial number and the weight fields in the report, the weight of each bin is listed separately.

Aggregating by Weight

By using using Tray Count, Weight and Total Weight the report aggregates bins with the same weight into a single line. The two 125kg lines are both accounted for in the 2nd line of this report.

Total Weight for a Consignment or Pallet

A report aggregated by consignment or pallet can show just the total weight of all weighed bins.